Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Moments

We're still crafting little machines over here!
And what better holiday to be inspired by than what would probably be my absolute favorite...
Valentine's Day!
I know it's a Hallmark holiday, but I love all of the heart shaped things and talking to the kids about writing special sentiments to one another and to think of special things to create for each child's card.
Beloved Baby was as ready as any of them to get in on the action... 

Precious Gift took a break in the middle to play with the counting pieces...

... I love how serene she is when doing simple tasks like this.

And at one point Beloved Baby started indicating he wanted help with his picture and
I watched in awe as Joy Girl rushed to his aid.
She kindly held her hand out and allowed him to place the paint brush in her hands if he wanted to, and asked him about the different places he wanted her to add the paint.
Getting to capture their gentle interactions and how loving and conscientious they were of each other, it is always the highlight of my day to see this with each of the children.

Beloved baby held the paint up to help her and would nod or shake his head depending on what she asked him...

The pride they exude in helping each other and the happiness I see in their expressions, it's truly hard to put into words.
I know that it must seem like they just naturally fall into this demeanor.  I guess I should preface that from the time they're able to communicate as babies, we are constantly reminding them as to how to communicate and behave with their siblings, but at some point, the reminders are practically non-existent and all of that time that was spent working with them to be mindful of each other, shows itself in the most wonderful of ways throughout the day.

It's hard to not love a holiday that celebrates the love people have for one another, especially when I feel so inclined to want to celebrate those things daily.
I hope that they will always feel secure as to the love and happiness emanating from their family within these walls, and that they also feel the incredible love of a spouse and family of their own some day should their heart desire such.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Changes for BW Photography!

Scheduling for Fall 2013-

We will only be scheduling one-two sessions each weekend from September 21st to Nov. 9th.  Any sessions scheduled during Spring of 2013 will receive a 10% off code that will be emailed to you and allow you to receive 10% off of our new prices for 2013!  This includes the session fee, rights to photos and prints.  We are still shooting during the prime time of the day, so scheduling periods for Fall photos will be offered from 8am-10am or after 4pm.

Prices for Fall 2013-

Our session fee will now be $35, which is due at the time of the session. The cost of the rights is a one time payment of $100 and will still offer unlimited downloads, and weddings/seniors will now be $125 an hour with the rights to the photos included.  If the cost for the rights is paid in full at the time of the session, the photos will be available for download immediately when they are done.  If one wants to wait to view the album prior to paying for the rights, that is not a problem, but the photos will now say PROOF across the front until the album has been paid in full due to issues with screen shooting, etc.  It is extremely important to us to continue offering quality photos at some of the lowest costs possible in the Tri-state.

Albums for 2013-

All albums will have at least 25 high resolution photos. We do not lower the resolution of your photos to inhibit you from ordering them in larger sizes.  Once the rights have been paid for the photos they can be printed in any size, at any time. It is our goal this year to take more time on the details of each photo, rather than offer an overwhelming amount of photos.  There will still be outtakes and unique moments included. The opportunity to request three additional edits will be included if there are photos you would like to see in a different editing style.  If you generally prefer black and whites or color, please let us know in an email or text message, so we can make sure to cater to your preferences.  Additional edits are available for $5 per photo. Since our style is continually evolving it is important that only our latest albums be visible.  The album will now be closed and moved to private 1 month after the photos are taken.  We will offer a one time reopening at no extra charge, but after that any additional openings for downloads will be $25 and will be open for an additional month.

Contact Info:

It is our goal to make sure that we respond as quickly as possible.  We have opened a Google email that is linked to our small private tutoring business and will directly notify us of your message, so that we can get in touch regarding any questions or scheduling requests you may have ASAP.

Please email:
Please call or text: (812) 455-9088

If texting is easier for you, please don't hesitate to text at anytime!  We are happy to answer your questions!

We are extremely excited to see many of our returning clients and for the opportunity to meet new clients later this year!

As always, thank you for all of your support!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Prom is Where It's At!

Signature School
Class of 2012

I had such a wonderful time with this crew!
Thanks for having me gang!

Trautvetter Family Spring 2012

I love this family!
All of them are utterly stunning and they have such vibrant personalities.
I love that the mother is thrilled to let her children just enjoy the outdoors and doesn't stress about getting the "perfect" picture.

And in turn I think the kids leave feeling confident and glad they got to get out and play.

And what wonderful kids they are!

I loved seeing you and your beautiful children Stacy!
ALL of you are such a joy to be around!

The Moore Family Photos

I have known the mother in these photos since college.  Getting to spend time with her and her family was such a wonderful experience.  They are such wonderful and genuine individuals, as well as an extremely humorous couple, and to top it off their son is absolutely precious!  I was so surprised and touched when I saw that the Moore's were also contributing to the family who's son had been badly burned in a car fire almost two months ago.
Capturing the wonderful dynamic between them was such a joy and privilege.

Thank you Moore family... for everything!

Pettigrew Family Spring Photos 2012

This precious little one reminded me so much of my littlest child, right down to the tongue sticking out in between takes!  The look of adoration in her mother and father's eyes was unmistakable. She is clearly loved to the moon and back.
This session was also special for another reason.  Her mother and father donated funds towards a very special baby boy, also the same age as our girls, who was burned in a horrible car fire.
I know their generosity meant the world to his  family and to us as well.

Thank you Pettigrew family!  It was such a joy to have met all of you!